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Our Approach

Our Approach

Have you ever wondered how some offices just seem to "knock it out of the park"...and others are barely surviving?  Well, having the right training and procedures has EVERYTHING to do with it!

Our system builds efficient and profitable procedures to create a foundation for an amazing practice.  We focus on the tiniest details to make a normal trip to your office into a WOW experience.

Just imagine how much fun practice could be with a highly trained team!

Our Story

Meet the Founders

When it comes to the professional success of your business, these two will stop at nothing to provide the absolute best resources and training.  They developed SUPERIOR OPERATING SYSTEMS so that all team members in the office could have nothing but the best training available at their fingertips!

Dr. Robert Kipp has been in private practice for 18 years and continues to operate a successful cash practice in Southport, CT.

He has been a Speaker for numerous organizations locally and internationally, has been the Emcee for Parker Seminars, and has taught various classes for the Chiropractic profession.

His practice history as an Associate, Independent Contractor, as well as starting an office from the ground up, provides him with a lot of insight as to how teams operate in different environments.  He's brought this together with Dr. Kelly's experience to provide you with nothing less than a SUPERIOR practice!

Dr. Tim Kelly is magna cum laude graduate of New York Chiropractic College, an international speaker, and holds certifications in Wellness and Pediatrics through the ICA.  During his 25 years of clinical experience, he has opened three offices from scratch and built an 8000 square foot wellness center in East Greenbush NY where he still remains in private practice.

Early on, Dr. Kelly realized the importance of having a procedurally driven practice which can run without you, giving you the freedom that you want. Having had as many as 4 associates at one time and having trained hundreds of CA’s on the policies and procedures required to run a large practice smoothly and efficently, Dr. Kelly can help you transform your office into the practice of your dreams.