Become a Collection Master

Have you ever wondered how to eliminate the pages of A/R?  With some simple steps, and a few letters, you can get back a lot of what you are owed!

Building a Safe Financial Structure

Not every business owner knows how to manage finances.  Check out this video for a great system to increase the retention of your earnings as well as decreasing the stress of saving!

Valuable Lessons About Triangulation

Have you ever given a recommendation to a client, only to find out that they told your team something TOTALLY DIFFERENT???  This is where the value of triangulation shines!  (Make sure to check out our other video on how to perform triangulation)

Finances When Insurance is Involved

Establishing financial plans for clients with insurance is a great method to increase retention!  If they don’t have to RE-commit financially each time they are in your office, the likelihood of them staying longer increases.  Check it out!

Give, Love, Serve

Welcome our special guest, Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby!  Get ready for some amazing philosophy!!! (check out some her links below the video) Check out Dr. cathy’s pages: Dr. Cathy on Facebook Women Speakers Club on Facebook

Team Huddles

Team huddles are an essential part of every shift in your office!  They keep everyone on the same page and focused.  Check out the different parts of a huddle! Download Your Team Huddle Sheet Here

Check Out Procedures

Make sure you hit your check out bullet points after every visit!

WOW and Next Level Classes

Wellness Orientation Workshops (W.O.W.’s) are essential for explaining the “WHY” to a practice member.  They are also great new patient generators!  Make sure to download your W.O.W. sign-up sheet in the Resource Materials section!

Prepping For Day 2

Proper planning gives you the proper results.  Plan for your new practice member to commit to care!

No Bait and Switch

Keep things clean at the front desk from a money stand point so no one feels like a Bait and Switch has occurred.

To Collect Or Not

Watch for some different thoughts on collecting payment at the front desk after the first visit.

Transitioning From Pay Per Visit

In the previous lesson we discussed payment options, and how “less is more”… In this video let’s see how to make the change!

Missed Appointment Calls

Missed appointments can make or break your practice!  How are you helping your practice members stay on track with their health goals?

Cancelling an Appointment

A cancelled appointment is a lost appointment forever! How are you combating this challenge?